Creating an Open Access Impact Within and Beyond the University

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A growing movement is using tools such as open access journals and repositories to transform scholarly communications on a global scale. Open access refers to literature and published research results that are made available online without access restrictions or fees and with minimal restrictions on use.

The University of Vermont Libraries celebrated Open Access Week (October 24 – 30, 2016) on October 26th with a panel discussion in the Davis Center’s Jost Foundation Room at noon.

Featured speaker Dr. Meredith Niles, an assistant professor in UVM’s Food Systems Program, presented “Creating an open access impact within and beyond the university.” Niles discussed what open access is and how you can make your work more open, and dispeled some of the myths that exist about open access. Dr. Niles revealed how open access has helped her in her career and ways that open access has advanced scientific research and public benefit globally.

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