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Integrated assessment models (IAMs) are commonly used to explore the interactions between different modeled components of socio-environmental systems (SES). Most IAMs are built in a tightly-coupled framework so that the complex interactions between the models can be efficiently implemented within the framework in a straightforward manner. However, tightly-coupled frameworks make it more difficult to change individual models within the IAM because of the high level of integration between the models. Prioritizing flexibility over computational efficiency, the IAM presented here is built using a loosely-coupled framework and implemented in the Pegasus Workflow Management System. The modular nature of loosely-coupled systems allows each component model within the IAM to be easily exchanged for another component model from the same domain assuming each provides the same input / output interface. This flexibility allows researchers to experiment with different models for each SES component and facilitates smoother upgrades between each version of the independently developed component models.

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