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We conducted a Northern New England survey to understand the initial and continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on food security, food access, and home food production (HFP) (i.e. gardening, fishing, harvesting shellfish, foraging, hunting, trapping, raising animals for meat, dairy, or eggs, and food preservation such as canning, drying or freezing). The surveys were conducted in the Spring and Summer of 2021 (March – June). The survey was conducted in Maine (n = 562) and Vermont (n = 426). The cohort of respondents was representative of racial and ethnic identities of Vermont and Maine state populations. The data presented in this research brief were weighted to be representative of income in both states. Here, we summarize our findings related to changes in food security, food sourcing, and HFP before and since the COVID-19 pandemic. When data are referred to as “significant” it indicates a statistical significance at p< 0.05.

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