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This brief report details the results from a follow-up survey of 1,236 Vermonters in June 2020, after an initial survey in March/April 2020 focused on the impact of COVID-19 on food access and security. The key results include: 1) Nearly 1 in 4 respondents (23%) were classified as food insecure in June, a reported 22% decrease since March, but higher than before COVID-19. 2) People of color, those without a college degree, those with a job loss, households with children, women, and younger people had greater odds of experiencing food insecurity. 3) The majority of respondent households had experienced some job loss or disruption in the last 30 days, and were still experiencing job changes at the time of the survey. 4) People receiving unemployment were significantly more likely to be using multiple food assistance programs compared to others. 5) Respondents significantly increased use of food assistance programs since March. 6) Vermonters today have greater concerns about food becoming more expensive and possible loss of food assistance programs compared to June. 7) Vermonters today are facing fewer perceived challenges in food access and have fewer worries about food availability compared to March.

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