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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has responded to the increased demand for local climate information by developing the Local Climate Analysis Tool (LCAT). The tool provides rapid responses to climate questions that historically required an extensive data search, research on appropriate analysis techniques, and complex graphics packages. LCAT offers easy and efficient access to scientifically sound analytical capabilities and trusted climate data. Results obtained from LCAT provide relevant climate information to local technical users, decision makers, and educators that will help build a healthy nation and create resilient communities. To ensure that LCAT responds to the articulated needs for local climate studies, a team of representatives from the NWS field offices routinely collects and ranks needs for capabilities to be incorporated into LCAT. The team also helps to design the LCAT user interface and provides training on the tool's features, methods, and usability. The LCAT framework offers analyses of climate change impacts, climate variability impacts, and correlation.

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