Date of Completion


Thesis Type

College of Arts and Science Honors



First Advisor

Paul Deslandes


France, Paris, Diplomats, Ambassador, British Diplomacy, Aristocracy


This thesis will seek to explain British actions and relations with France both leading up to and during the American and French Revolutions. This time period is critical to understanding the nature of British-French relations for nearly the next century. Existing literature provides some information on political aspects of relations between Britain and France during this period but ignores the important social and familial aspects of ambassadors lives and policies. By fleshing out the influences of individual ambassadors during this period from their social and political relations with their French counterparts we are able to shed light on any possible changes to British policy vis-a-vis France. These social and personal relations could have changed the course of British and French relations over the next century by occurring in this very formative time for both countries. By trying to show how any such social and familial issues affected diplomatic relations between Britain and France during this very tense time period, some important aspects of the diplomatic relations may be uncovered. Since much of the diplomacy was conducted between a small handful of elites in both countries, any special relationships among these men would have had a tremendous influence on diplomacy and diplomatic relations. During such a tumultuous time in international relations, it would be unwise to overlook any individual influence that may be found that could have either sparked or prevented warfare between these two leading nations of the world.