Date of Completion


Thesis Type

College of Arts and Science Honors


Film and Television Studies

First Advisor

Deborah Ellis


film, documentary, direct, cinema


My project will study and apply the concepts and practices that evolved in the 1960s documentary film movement, Direct Cinema. I will begin my documentary work with 16mm film, a format that preceded the contemporary documentary and was integral to the pioneering filmmakers involved in Direct Cinema. Because of equipment restraints, I’ll use Super 8 film for productions that require more than one camera. Direct Cinema grew out of a desire for increased cinematic realism and was made possible by the development of film and sound equipment necessary to achieve that desire. Through the project, I hope to refine the function of a small documentary crew based on the fundamental ideals of the Direct Cinema movement.


First Film: Derby (2015)

Second Film: More Than You Deserve (2016) password: mtyd

Final Film: Ian's on Tuesday (2016) password: ian