Date of Completion


Thesis Type

College of Arts and Science Honors


Classics Department

First Advisor

Dr. Angeline Chiu


Amazons, Wonder Woman, iconography


This project will investigate the myth and the imaginative flexibility of the Amazon idea. I am not trying to prove that the Amazons were a real people but that the myth created and interpreted through time in depictions detailed in art and literature have culminated in the reception of popular entertainment. By looking at narratives and depictions both ancient and modern, I plan to investigate the interpretations of the myth in visual arts and compare that same myth interpreted in visual media today. By analyzing the modern media in the categories of the comic book universe and television adaptations, I seek to illuminate the connections between the ancient depictions of the myth to the modern. This analysis will highlight the flexibility of the myth in its multiple interpretations and also the significance of these interpretation in the cultural contexts in which they were created and popularized.