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Project Team

Rosemary Dale Ed.D, APRN, and Julie Parent MSW


The Vermont Safe Infant Sleep Project: Evaluation of an Online Learning Module

Brigid J. Meehan-Brese DNPc, RN

Rosemary Dale Ed.D, APRN, Julie Parent MSW, and Jean Pelski PhD, APRN, NNP-BC


Background: In the United States, sudden unintended infant death syndrome (SUIDS) is a leading cause of infant mortality. Accidental suffocation, and strangulation in bed (ASSB) deaths are the third leading cause of postnatal deaths (CDC, 2021). The Vermont Safe Infant Sleep Project is a collaborative effort focused on standardizing evidence-based practice recommendations for nurses to support safe infant sleep practices. An online learning module for registered nurses was developed in phase one of the project. Purpose: In phase two, the online learning module was evaluated for efficacy and ease of use by registered nurses and maternal-child educators caring for infants across the state of Vermont. Methods: Participants completed the online learning module including a pre- and post-test and survey. The quantitative data were collected and analyzed using a web-based test, allowing for a direct question-to-question comparison. The qualitative data were collected using an online survey assessing reception and ease of use. Results: 30 participants from two regional hospitals and a state agency completed pre-tests, 25 finished post-tests, and 5 completed post-test surveys. Combined averages for the registered nurses and maternal-child educators pre-test and post-test scores were 14.00 or 77% and 16.4 or 91% representing a 17% improvement overall. 100% of survey participants found the course to be convenient and user-friendly. Conclusions: The module is effective in closing knowledge gaps. Participants improved their scores after the module. Surveys indicated that the module is user-friendly and convenient. The data indicates a positive reception to the module.

Keywords: Infant mortality; sudden infant death syndrome; Accidental infant suffocation; Accidental infant strangulation; Infant sleep practice; Adult learning principles


CDC, C. D. C. (2021, April 28). Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Data and Statistics. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved September 26, 2021, from

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