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Project Site Mentor - Dr. Andrea Green, MDCM, Project Advisor - Dr. Jean Pelski, PhD, APRN, NNP-BC



Mental health concerns among adolescents pose a significant public health challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased feelings of depression, anxiety, social isolation, and maladaptive behaviors in this population. Vermont adolescent mental health data echo concerns at the national level and indicate an urgent need for early and continued intervention. To address this urgent need, professional societal guidelines recommend integration of mental health services in primary care. The overall aim of this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) quality assessment project was to assess the feasibility of use of a mental health action plan for these purposes in a pediatric primary care setting. The Pediatric Well-being Action Plan (PWAP) is a novel strength-based tool developed for use in this population to identify coping skills and strategies during well-child care (WCC) visits and to provide additional tiered advice if increased symptoms of emotional distress are identified. During a four-week pilot, providers utilized the PWAP in all WCC visits for adolescents ages 11 - 18. Pre- and post-implementation provider surveys assessed provider impressions related to their experiences using the PWAP. Despite low utilization rates of the PWAP in WCC visits, survey results demonstrate overall ease of use, functionality, and provider satisfaction. Future practice implications include utilization of the PWAP beyond the context of primary care.

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