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Mary Val Palumbo, Nancy Resi


Purpose: This project created a protocol for use of the Tailored Caregiver Assessment and Referral Evaluation (TCARE)® screening tool in a Memory Program for assessing for caregiver stress in informal caregivers.

Methods: The TCARE® screening tool was researched, and then a protocol for use by nurse practitioners was created. Approval from the academic and hospital organization was received and the TCARE ®protocol for use was implemented in a Memory Program. Two PDSA cycles were utilized to evaluate this intervention. Findings were analyzed for sustainability and contribution to the clinical setting.

Results: All caregivers (n = 5) who completed the TCARE® survey screened moderate to high risk for increased caregiver stress, qualifying for follow up with their local Office on Aging (OA) to offer further resources and support. Forty percent of caregivers (n= 5) referred to their local OA accepted services and resources. Caregivers and providers responded positively to our intervention during satisfaction interviews and surveys.

Conclusion: The ability to screen for caregiver stress serves as a helpful tool for nurse practitioners in a Memory Program. Its use appears ideal for clinics without social work support and presence, including primary care offices. Nurse practitioners managing cognitive impairment diagnoses may find the use of the TCARE® screening tool helpful for assessing caregiver stress and facilitating connections with community resources for those who qualify.

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