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Project Advisor: Laura Christine Lewis


BACKGROUND: Transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals face unique challenges in accessing healthcare such as stigma, bias, fear of rejection, limited access to providers, and lack of information on where to seek care. There is evidence that creating an inclusive clinic atmosphere improves access and leads to a more positive healthcare experience

AIMS: The global aim of this project is to improve access to gender-affirming care for students at a New England university. Specific aims were to assess stakeholder needs for content inclusion and develop a new patient welcome packet based on the needs assessment.

METHODS: The Plan Do Study Act method of quality improvement was used in this project. A needs assessment was conducted to identify stakeholder needs and expectations for packet design. Resources and content for the packet based on stakeholder needs were compiled and evaluated for quality.

RESULTS: A group of 18 stakeholders were contacted directly for needs assessment survey. By the end of the survey period, 10 responses were completed resulting in a 55.6% response rate. Out of the 15 topics presented in the survey, 9 were identified by ≥50% of respondents as areas of interest for TGD students.

CONCLUSIONS: Implications for further study include assessing the packet’s use by primary care providers and assessing the impact of the packet on patients’ perceived inclusiveness of the clinic.

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