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Designing a Teaching Nursing Home Model: Improving education and improving care

Margaret Aitken

Purpose. The Teaching Nursing Home Model creates a partnership that melds clinical practice, student training, and academic nursing scholarship by creating an academic and clinical role for nurse practitioner faculty within a long term care and rehabilitation facility.

Methods. The literature was reviewed, with emphasis on prior utilization of the teaching nursing home model; current practices were investigated; key stakeholders met with and readiness for change assessed. Assessments were made of attitudes, logistics, and finances.

Methods. After a review of literature on teaching nursing home models, a long term care and rehabilitation facility was approached with the proposal. Receptive to the idea, investigation was done to understand current facility practice and role, challenges in the facility, and shared goals of stakeholders. University IRB review determined the project to be non-research. Working with the facility medical director, facility leadership, the role of the faculty nurse practitioner and utilization of this faculty clinician and facility for graduate nurse practitioner training is being solidified.

Results. The facility leadership is ready for the teaching nursing home model, but cannot commit at this time. Barriers include upcoming transition in ownership and leadership of the facility, logistics including space and EHR access, and finances, including start-up cost.

Conclusions. The teaching nursing home model remains feasible and beneficial, however would require investment on the part of all parties involved.

Keywords: Long-term care; Nurse Practitioners; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Nursing Care; Nursing Homes/organization & administration

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