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Anne Brereton, RN; Mary Val Palumbo, DNP, APRN, GNP-BC, Derek Kouwenhoven, MSN, RN


Purpose. Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) tend to face frequent emergency department visits and hospitalizations. The purpose of this project was to assist a home health agency in the process of building a video visit program to provide additional support to their COPD patient population.

Methods. A literature review was conducted to explore evidence for the use of video visits in home health care. Existing telehealth resources, a chart review, and interviews with stakeholders were utilized to create video visit guidelines. An online education module for staff was developed based off of the administration-approved guidelines. A post-module survey was used to assess module effectiveness.

Results. Research supports the complimentary use of video visits for home health patients. The chart review revealed areas where video visits could help the agency improve patient care. Clinicians and patients had a mixed response to the idea of video visits and offered important input toward the guidelines and education module. The video visit guidelines were drafted and accepted by the agency’s administration. Initial feedback regarding the education module suggests effectiveness at increasing participant awareness of the potential benefits of a video visit program and the basic guidelines to follow when conducting video visits. Budgetary concerns remain a roadblock for the initiation of a video visit program.

Conclusion. Research suggests that home health patients with COPD may benefit from home health video visits to avoid rehospitalizations and improve their disease self-management skills. Initiating a video visit program takes significant planning and resources. The guidelines and education module may serve as a foundation for program development. A small pilot project led by one or two clinical staff members could act as a stepping-stone to launching a larger program. There is potential for the growth of a video visit program beyond the COPD patient population.

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