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Brenda Hamel Bissell and Sara Burton


Purpose:45,000 infants, children and adolescents die in the US annually. Bedside nurses in inpatient pediatric units receive minimal education on the topic of pediatric end of life care. The purpose of this project was to assess the needs of pediatric inpatient nurses and trial an online educational module for effectiveness in teaching nurses about pediatric end of life care

Methods. This was a quality improvement project aimed at inpatient nurses on 4 different units. Electronic 7 question pre-surveys were sent via email, followed by an educational module accompanied by a 3 question post-survey.

Results. Of 78 participants, 51% reported feeling only moderately comfortable providing pediatric end of life care, and 54% of participants did not feel that their training in pediatric end of life care was adequate. Of 28 follow up participants, 57% found the educational module very helpful and 63% would be very likely to participate in further education.

Conclusions. Data supports that pediatric nurses feel uncomfortable caring for pediatric end of life care patients and further education is warranted for bedside nurses who are providing end of life care as part of their job duties.

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