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Hendrika Maltby, PhD, RN, FACN and Christina Harlow, DNP, FNP-BC



Purpose: The LGBTQ+ population makes up ~10% of the total population of the world. In the U.S., Vermont has the highest per capita LGBTQ+ population out of any other state. This population is at high risk for numerous health disparities and discrimination by providers. The disparities include higher rates of STI’s, substance use, mental health diagnoses, domestic violence, sexual and physical assault, and lower rates of routine cancer screenings. These can be mitigated by accepting and knowledgeable providers.

Methods: This project sought to improve health care for LGBTQ+ individuals in Vermont by offering an in-person seminar educating providers and staff on LGBTQ+ terminology, health disparities and caring for this population. Outcomes of this seminar were determined using a pre-and post-teaching surveys, and a follow up survey ~2 months post seminar with 2 providers.

Results: There was an increase in knowledge in LGBTQ+ terminology, health disparities and care for this population indicated in the post survey. The follow-up survey showed providers being more cognizant of this population sustained efforts to promote a more inclusive environment.

Conclusions: The educational seminar was found to be useful in improving the knowledge of providers. It also showed long term understanding for practice change.

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