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Laura Foran Lewis, PhD, RN & Lauren Young, MS, APRN, FNP-BC


Background: For adolescents and young adults (AYAs), health care transition (HCT) is the purposeful and planned process of moving from pediatric, adult-supervised care to adult-oriented care. The use of evidence-based guidelines and interventions can ensure AYAs receive the services necessary to transition successfully.

Purpose: This project aimed to improve a pediatric office’s ability to educate AYAs and parents/caregivers on the practice’s approach to HCT and HCT planning (HCTP) by using Got Transition’s Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™ 3.0 model to guide the development and dissemination of a Transition and Care Policy/Guide (TCP/G). The adoption of a TCP/G is the first element of the Six Core Elements model.

Methods: The TCP/G was modeled after Got Transition’s sample tool and further developed with input from AYAs and parents/caregivers. The finalized TCP/G was routinely disseminated during annual wellness visits. Post intervention, the practice's progress towards implementing Got Transition's recommended practice-level supports was measured. A provider questionnaire assessed whether the TCP/G improved providers’ ability to educate on the practice's HCT/HCTP approach.

Results: The TCP/G increased AYAs and parents/caregivers’ knowledge of the practice’s approach and supported providers’ ability to educate and provide anticipatory guidance related to HCT/HCTP. The practice received full points in the area of "Transition and Care Policy Guide" showing successful implementation of the first core element.

Conclusions: The use of TCP/Gs is an evidence-informed intervention that supports HCT/HCTP. Further research is needed to determine AYAs' common concerns or questions related to HCT/HCTP to guide TCP/G revisions and inform subsequent interventions.

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