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Smart Phrase Revision to Improve Primary Care Pre-Visit Planning Workflow

Kelly Dobler, DNPc, RN

Project Advisor: Dr. Margaret Aitken, DNP, APRN

Purpose: Preventive care has been shown to improve health outcomes yet is underutilized. Use of Pre-visit Planning (PVP) smart phrases or templates in the EHR improve visit workflow and patient care. This project assessed current PVP smart phrase utilization and implementation of revised PVP smart phrases in a primary care setting.

Methods: Medical providers were surveyed to assess their satisfaction with the current PVP smart phrase. Based on those findings and evidence from literature a revised PVP smart phrase was developed. It was implemented and adapted over a 7 week period using four Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycles. A final survey assessed satisfaction with the revised smart phrase and potential impact on patient outcomes.

Results: Survey data indicated that the current PVP smart phrase was cumbersome, contains unnecessary information, omits key visit components and is rarely referenced prior to an appointment. Survey responses indicated the revised PVP smart phrase created a longer workflow, but ultimately improved office efficiency. The provider indicated increased usage of the smart phrase prior to visits. Both surveys indicated that the revised workflow, with proper utilization, has potential to improve care.

Conclusions: PVP is an important strategy to improve preventive care utilization, identify gaps in care and increase visit efficiency. With greater and more consistent use of the revised PVP workflow, delivery of preventive care and office visit efficiency can improve. Future study should continue to test PVP efficacy and explore potential long term improvements in preventive care utilization and patient outcomes.

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