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Promoting Graduate Nurse Role Transition through an Individualized Mentorship Program

Teresa Cahill-Griffin, MSN, RNC-OB, DNP(c)

Mentor: Dr Marcia Bosek, DNSc, RN

Significance: During the 2020 pandemic, undergraduate nursing students were unable to complete their senior practicum experience. The senior practicum goal builds confidence and prepares the graduate for practice. Confidence influences success in practice. Loss of confidence may lead to unsuccessful role transition.

Purpose: To create an individualized mentorship program addressing self-confidence for the graduate nurse who did not receive a senior practicum as they transition to professional practice.

Methods: Five graduate nurses participated in an individualized mentorship program conducted during the first 90 days of employment. Mentoring was conducted via Zoom using a preceptor based relationship model. Global self-perception of confidence was measured pre/post using a question adopted from the Casey-Fink survey. Guided journal reflections were completed bi-monthly, with self-confidence rated (0-5). Thematic analysis identified qualitative themes.

Results: 4 students completed program. No mean differences were found in pre-post intervention in the global self-confidence rating. Bi-monthly self-confidence rating varied according to clinical situations. At week two self-confidence improved (M 4, SD±0.5) as they transitioned to night shift. Week 4 self-confidence decreased (M 3.75, SD±0.95), related to challenging clinical scenario. Additional thematic analysis indicates preceptor choice plays a role in self-confidence.

Conclusion: According to journal reflection ratings, self-confidence fluctuates over time. Individualized mentoring was effective in addressing intermittent fluctuations in self-confidence not captured by global self-confidence ratings. Inquiry needed to understand the impact of these vulnerable moments on self-confidence and role transition.

Key Words:

Role transition

Senior Practicum

Readiness to practice

Self Confidence

Graduate Nurses

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