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Jason Garbarino, DNP, RN-BC, CNL & Cara Feldman-Hunt, M.A.


Background – Use of integrative health services has been shown beneficial in chronic pain management. The COVID-19 pandemic altered access to integrative health therapies. The recommendations to avoid social contact has led to high rates of social isolation. Social isolation has many negative implications including worsening of anxiety and depression symptoms, and influences on our immune, endocrine, and cardiovascular function. Providing access to such therapies at home from trusted practitioners might help to alleviate pain and stressors commonly associated with social isolation.

Local problem – The aim of this project was to create an online platform that offers integrative health resources (acupressure, yoga, self-massage, guided meditation, nutrition guidance) to individuals experiencing pain and those in social isolation who are unable to seek care in person or desire supplemental resources.

Methods – Resources from integrative practitioners were uploaded to an online blog. An anonymous survey asking users to rate level of pain before and after utilizing each resource was implemented in addition to a general feedback survey to determine benefits and areas for improvement.

Results – Seven users responded to the pain survey and eight users responded to the general feedback survey. Average pain level before using resources from the blog was 6/10 and average pain level after was 3/10. Most used resources were related to guided videos. General feedback provided by users revolved around the desire for more content.

Conclusion – Utilization of online integrative health resources had a positive impact on users’ pain experience. Growth of the platform and further distribution will continue to provide opportunities for individuals to become more aware of pain experience and how to manage at home. Limitations include small sample size, limited availability of resources and self-reported data. For the platform to succeed moving forward, participation from stakeholders and the community is crucial.

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