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Dr. Rosemary Dale, Ed.D, APRN and Dr. Erin Leighton, DNP, APRN


Purpose: Continuous glucose monitors (CGM) have emerged as the ideal tool for monitoring real time glucose levels, showing improved quality of life and having lasting impacts on A1c levels. Barriers to prescription of CGM in the primary care (PC) setting include lack of education surrounding CGM data, complexity of technology and lack of clarity surrounding documentation necessary for insurance. The purpose of this project is to increase provider knowledge and confidence surrounding CGM’s by 10% through participation in an interactive online educational module. A secondary measure was to decrease self-reported barriers to the prescription of CGM in the PC context.

Methods: An online module regarding specification of current CGM (duration of wear, insertion, calibrations, alarm features, compatible software), data interpretation, current guidelines and coding requirements was sent to all providers. A reference guide summarizing commonly prescribed monitors, and the ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) data report was placed in each exam room for patient review. A prescription cheat sheet, including two Epic ready dot phrases for documentation standardization, was created for provider use. A survey was sent pre and post intervention to assess changes in provider knowledge and confidence.

Results: Provider knowledge increased by 25%, and confidence increased by 75% after the intervention. Providers reported decreased barriers to discussion and prescription of CGM after the module. Providers reported decreased barriers to discussing and prescribing CGM after completing the module.

Conclusions: The education module improved provider understanding and comfort with continuous glucose monitoring, decreasing barriers to CGM prescription within this setting.

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