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Heavy episodic drinking, or “binge drinking”, is a significant behavioral health problem on American college campuses. It is associated with numerous physical, social, and legal consequences in this population, including but not limited to intoxicated driving, physical and sexual assault, accidents, alcohol poisoning, compromised academic performance, criminal justice system involvement, exclusion from athletic competition, and expulsion from student housing. The Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment method, or “SBIRT”, has gained increasing recognition in recent years as an effective, validated tool for screening for and intervening in behavioral health problems generally and problematic alcohol use in particular. The purpose of this project was to deliver an educational presentation on the use of SBIRT to staff members, primarily clinicians, of a local college that does not currently use SBIRT as a routine part of patient care. A PowerPoint presentation was created and presented during a staff meeting for healthcare providers at the Bergeron Wellness Center at Saint Michael’s College, and an editable screening tool was created and disseminated to the staff for use in their clinic in the event that they decide to adopt SBIRT. A post-presentation quiz and survey was administered, which demonstrated that respondents had gained knowledge from the presentation and had found it useful for their practice.

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