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Rosemary Dale, Ed.D, APRN; Barbara Rouleau, DNP; Margaret Aitken, MS APRN


This project focuses on the development of a protocol to increase administration and documentation of pneumococcal vaccination among patient 65 years and older in a primary care practice setting. The project entails reviewing immunization records of all patients age ≥ 65 years at Appletree Bay Primary Care (ABPC) practice to determine current pneumococcal vaccination rates among the specified age group within the practice. A single trial vaccination clinic was it established in collaboration with the Vermont Family Pharmacy wherein patients were contacted by phone by the primary investigator, informed that they may be due for one or more pneumococcal vaccination and asked if they would like to schedule an appointment for that vaccination. The pharmacy was responsible for ordering administering and billing for vaccinations, while the practice was responsible for calling patients 65 and older in need of one or more pneumococcal vaccinations. The pharmacy then reported all administered vaccines back to ABPC. Data obtained was analyzed to determine the effectiveness of this protocol in increasing the rate of administration and documentation of pneumococcal vaccines in ABPC patients 65 and older.

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