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Amy O'Meara, Rebecca Nagle


Transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) populations are at a higher risk for discrimination and inadequate services while receiving health care. Some of this results from providers’ knowledge deficits regarding TGNC-specific health care needs or lack of experience and comfort with TGNC clients and the subsequent impact on an open-minded approach to gender identity. There is often little or no curriculum included in health care providers’ education pertaining to TGNC specific health risks, health care needs and approaches to clinical visits.

The purpose of this project is to promote awareness, provide education, and increase provider comfort around TGNC health care discrepancies, associated risks and appropriate health care interventions and resources through a brief educational intervention for graduate nursing students on the University of Vermont campus. This was accomplished through an in-person didactic presentation with accompanying PowerPoint. The effectiveness of the module was assessed with a pre- and post-survey, which showed significant increase in knowledge of TGNC access to health care, TGNC discrimination, and TGNC utilization of gender-confirming medical and surgical interventions. The educational module developed in this project will be used for future cohorts of graduate nursing students.

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