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Background/Introduction: Vermont was ranked the nation’s healthiest state, according to 2007 America’s Health Rankings. However obesity, currently the second most common cause of death among VT adults, is becoming so common it may replace cigarette smoking as the number one risk factor for death. In fact obesity affects 21% of adults in VT, most commonly low income adults. Obesity is a risk factor for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes. Diet quality and physical activity are important factors in preventing obesity. 42% of Vermont adults are below the recommended level of physical activity. Greater knowledge about nutrition correlates with improved diet quality and greater physical activity. A successful educational strategy on physical activity and nutrition promotes group activities and adapts for cultural relevance.


Al Robinson, Imani Health Institute

Marianne Burke, MLS, University of Vermont College of Medicine


Imani Health Center


Health Communication and Health Information Technology

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Walking For Health: A Community Education and Physical Activity Initiative