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Opioid Misuse in Vermont:

The number of Vermonters seeking treatment for opioid abuse is increasing, particularly in Chittenden County.

Emergency department visits and deaths related to opioid misuse continue to increase, both locally and nationally.

Opioid Addiction Treatment:

The Drug Addiction Treatment Act (2000) was passed to allow physicians to prescribe buprenorphine-naloxone for opioid addiction, termed Office-Based Opioid Therapy (OBOT).

OBOT has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for opioid addiction.

The Hub and Spoke model was implemented in Vermont to connect specialty treatment centers with outpatient OBOT providers.

Project Goal: To identify barriers to providing OBOT that primary care physicians (PCPs) face in Chittenden County, Vermont.


Charlie MacLean, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Jan Carney, MD, MPH, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Liz Cote, University of Vermont AHEC Program


University of Vermont AHEC Program


Access to Health Services, Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being, Substance Abuse, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Social Determinants of Health

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Addressing the Opioid Crisis in Vermont: Lessons Learned from Primary Care Physicians