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Spring 1-17-2018


Introduction. Staff at the Lund Family Center report that there may be knowledge deficits, with regards to nutrition, among the Center’s residents—primarily pregnant/ parenting women with substance abuse and mental health issues. Before considering intervention options, we wanted to identify the specifics of the residents’ knowledge gaps.

Methods. We administered paper versions of a revised General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire (GNKQ-R) Section 2 to 21 Lund residents to explore nutri- tion knowledge as compared to groups more representative of the general population. The GNKQ-R Section 2 is an externally validated, efficacious tool that specifically as- sesses knowledge of food groups and nutrients. Demographic data and free-response personal assessments of health were also collected.

Results. The study population scored significantly lower than a UK population (p=0.002) previously analyzed using the questionnaire, however, the Lund residents scored significantly higher than a CA population (p=0.0001). There were statistically insignificant positive relationships between age, education level, and self-reported health status, in addition to slightly lower performances among those with “Single” relationship status.

Conclusions. Though demonstrated by a small, homogenous population, the statistically significant nutrition knowledge deficit of the Lund Family Center residents, relative to the referenced UK study, warranted intervention. A brief nutrition curriculum composed of 16 focused modules was developed for future administration. The modules were oriented towards family nutrition, with content including such topics as breastfeeding advice, including children in meal-making, and macronutrient basics. These modules will be delivered to Lund residents in 2018.


Sarah McCarthy

UVM Larner College of Medicine

Jessilyn Dolan

Lund Family Center, Burlington, VT


Nutrition and Weight Status, Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

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Nutrition Knowledge Assessment of Lund Family Center Residents