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Winter 1-23-2019



There are 7-8 million individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities living in the US.

• 91,795 of this population lives in Vermont

• Historically marginalized and isolated community

• Socioeconomic, health-related, and emotional burden

• Public health-related disparity

Champlain Community Services (CCS): non-profit service provider and coordinator for 86 persons with intellectual disabilities in Northwestern Vermont


• Develop and apply measures to better understand and evaluate quality of life in the population CCS serves.

• Recommend improvement to CCS data collection and evaluation methods.

• Provide a basis for future recommendations to CCS services that are aligned to the needs of consumers.


Stephen Everse

UVM Larner College of Medicine

Mike Reilly

Champlain Community Services


Champlain Community Services


Disability and Health, Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being, Educational and Community-Based Programs

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Understanding and Evaluating Quality of Life for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A Northwestern Vermont Population Study