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Winter 1-23-2019


Most K-12 students will miss at least one day of school each year due to illness or injury; in 2010, six percent missed 11 days or more. School Based Health Clinics, SBHC, are provider-based health clinics located in schools, supplementing routine nursing care and complementing the role of a pediatrician while the child is in school.

SBHCs aim to:

• Reduce the amount of school that students miss

• Provide quick and convenient care for a variety of routine and acute medical concerns

Our objective was to:

• Investigate community awareness and utilization of the SBHCs in the Burlington School District

• Providing insight regarding how to increase engagement of students and parents with the SBHC’s and thereby reduce avoidable class absenteeism.


Matthew Saia

UVM Larner College of Medicine

Rebecca McCray

Burlington School District

Barbara Frankowski

UVM Larner College of Medicine


Burlington School District


Access to Health Services, Adolescent Health, Educational and Community-Based Programs

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Community Awareness and Utilization of School Based Health Centers in Burlington, Vermont