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Under provisions in the Affordable Care Act, tax-exempt hospitals are required to conduct a triennial Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to identify and prioritize the health needs of the community served. UVMMC is preparing to conduct the 2022 CHNA and is exploring best outreach approaches to marginalized or historically underrepresented populations within Chittenden and Grand Isle counties.

Research Question: What actions can be taken to effectively understand the diversity of needs in the homeless population of Chittenden County?

Hypothesis: The current CHNA incompletely captures how health barriers are disproportionately experienced by the homeless population in Chittenden County.

Goals: Identify best practices and tailor outreach methods to better assess the needs of the homeless population.


Lawrence, Molly

UVMMC Community Health Improvement

Devika Singh

Larner College of Medicine


UVMMC Community Health Improvement


Access to Health Services, Public Health Infrastructure, Social Determinants of Health

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Improving the Accessibility and Efficacy of the UVMMC CHNA to Populations Experiencing Homelessness