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An intellectual disability (ID) can be defined as a limit to a person's ability to learn and function in daily life when compared to an expected level. Due to these differences, a person with ID can face more challenges in daily life, including those that impact their health.

Special Olympics Vermont (SOVT) is an organization that hosts athletic events and competitions for people with an ID. We worked with them to formulate a plan for providing educational resources for people with an ID.

We created educational videos with corresponding one-page pamphlets containing material and imagery that was relatable to the athletes with ID, to inspire positive changes in their health habits.

We hypothesized that if content and material relatable to SOVT athletes were incorporated into health education videos, then athletes would learn more about healthy habits that they could apply to their lives.

We created surveys that evaluated the reception of the educational videos, whether athletes learned from the videos, and if they planned on incorporating what they learned into their lives.


Hamm Vaughan, Rachel

Special Olympics Vermont

Lange, S.

Special Olympics Vermont

McNamara, Mariah

Larner College of Medicine

Carney, Jan K.

Larner College of Medicine


Special Olympics Vermont


Disability and Health, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Health Communication and Health Information Technology, Mental Health and Mental Disorders

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Attitudes Toward Informational Health Videos among People with Intellectual Disabilities