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Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Vermonters ages 10-44. Studies have shown that of those who die from suicide 45% have seen their primary care provider in the month prior to their death and only 20% saw a mental health provider.

To help strengthen suicide risk screening in primary care, a group of Larner College of Medicine students partnered with Chittenden Accountable Community for Health to curate a suicide prevention informational resource to be used in Vermont's primary care practices to promote universal suicide screening.

We then surveyed users of the tool to assess its utility and identify barriers to suicide screening within their practices.


Delaney, T.

Larner College of Medicine

Donohue, Kayla

Chittenden Accountable Community for Health (CACH)

Moore, Thomas

Chittenden Accountable Community for Health (CACH)


Chittenden Accountable Community for Health (CACH)


Adolescent Health, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Injury and Violence Prevention

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Initial Assessment of a Suicide Prevention Resource for Vermont Primary Care