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Introduction: Preventing childhood obesity is a national priority, and changing dietary behavior in both children and adults is challenging. Burlington Children’s Space, Inc. (BCS), a private, non-profit early education and childcare center providing services for families in the Burlington area, is trying to do just that. The Farm to Table Project was designed to positively influence the food choices of students and their families as well as to cultivate a relationship between families and local farmers. In an effort to secure expanded funding for the school’s food program, BCS requested that we assess the effectiveness of their Food Program


Nancy Drucker, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Heather Duhamel, MEd, Burlington Children's Space

Barbara Frankowski, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine


Burlington Children's Space


Educational and Community-Based Programs, Nutrition and Weight Status, Physical Activity

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The What’s, Where’s, and Why’s of What Your Family Eats: The Burlington Children’s Space Farm To Table Program