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Introduction: Maintaining a nutritious diet and physical activity is a challenge for many people,but especially for those with limited financial and social resources. Barriers to adequate exercise and healthy food include prohibitive costs of gym membership and high quality foods, lack of time during the day in which to exercise or prepare meals, and lack of access or transportation to exercise facilities or grocery stores. We assessed whether adoption of healthy exercise and eating habits could be established and sustained by educating participants on healthy diet guidelines and on non-traditional exercise forms. We encouraged family-centered activities such as walking, gardening, cleaning, dancing, and playing with children. We quantified changes in participants’ pre- and post-educational diets and exercise habits with 3-day dietary recall logs and pedometer-measured daily steps.


Halle Sobel, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Hal Colston, NeighborKeepers




Educational and Community-Based Programs, Nutrition and Weight Status, Physical Activity

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Nutrition and Exercise Education Initiatives in a Community Setting