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Background: In 2009, the Cathedral Square Corporation partnered with community provider organizations* to design a model for in-home services and support known as Seniors Aging Safely at Home (SASH). This comprehensive program, implemented at Heineberg Senior Housing in the New North End of Burlington, VT., combines health support, education, and social activities to create a safe and fulfilling environment for participants. Cathedral Squareplans to extend their SASH program to New North End (NNE) seniors residing in their own homes. However, the current and future needs of the NNE senior population (defined here as individuals age 50 and older) are not well known. NORCs are communities in which the population has aged in place, resulting in a high proportion of seniors living in one area. Neighborhoods with this dynamic have begun to organize programs which provide a variety of services to their seniors, including yard-work, educational workshops, social opportunities, and access to health care services. Village models are similar, but tend to be designed more intentionally as senior-supporting neighborhoods rather than arising naturally as the local population ages. By looking into current community models and by investigating the needs of the NNE senior population, Cathedral Square will be further equipped to offer important services to those who are interested.


Susan Vargas, Cathedral Square Corporation

Molly Dugan, Cathedral Square Corporation

Patricia Berry, MPH, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Tom Delaney, PhD, University of Vermont College of Medicine


Cathedral Square Corporation


Access to Health Services, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Health-Related Quality of Life & Well-Being, Older Adults, Public Health Infrastructure


Presented at the American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC, November 1, 2011 as "Exploration into Expanding the Bur

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Exploration into Expanding the Burlington SASH (Seniors Aging Safely at Home) Program