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Introduction: •The HowardCenter in Burlington, Vermont is designed to empower and improve the lives of individuals with mental illness throughout Chittenden County. •People living with chronic psychiatric disabilities have higher mortality rates and earlier onset of medical illness. It has been observed that many of the risk factors for chronic conditions revolve around nutrition, implying a chance to intervene. •Understanding the various ways people with psychiatric disabilities eat, buy, cook, and value a healthy diet is fundamental for the Howard Center to address increased mortality in this population. •Our goal is to identify barriers and develop a resource to improve nutrition in this population.


Sandra Steingard, MD, Howard Center


Howard Center


Educational and Community-Based Programs, Mental Health and Mental Disorders, Nutrition and Weight Status


Presented at the American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC, November 2, 2011 as "Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping for People Living with Psychiatric Disabilities," by Christopher Cahill, Nkem Aziken, Michael Boggs, Leslie Bradbury, Sara Higgins, Lynsey Rangel, Sandra Steingard, MD, Thomas V. Delaney, PhD and Jan K. Carney, MD MPH.

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Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping for People Living with Psychiatric Disabilities