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Introduction: •Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a group of related brain-based disorders that affect a child's behavior, social and communication skills. •In 2009, approximately 1,000 Vermont students received special educational services for ASD. •Puppets in Education (PiE) is a non-profit group that teaches kids how to keep themselves safe and healthy and to appreciate each other’s differences. •PiE’sFriend 2 Friend Program (F2F) addresses ASD in fun and interactive puppet and workshop presentations, promoting empathy for individuals on the autism spectrum by modeling, labeling, explaining and normalizing differences, and teaching prosocial communication and friendship skills. •Last year, UVM COM students collaborated with PiE to determine how the use of puppets could best educate the community regarding ASD. •This year our goals were to elicit: --the perceived effectiveness of current ASD education in the classroom --the perceived effectiveness of including children with ASD in the classroom; and --the most important aspects of ASD to address in the Puppets in Education (PiE) curriculum


Stephen Contompasis, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Deb Lyons, Puppets in Education, Inc.


Puppets in Education Inc.


Educational and Community-Based Programs, Health Communication and Health Information Technology, Maternal, Infant, and Child Health


Presented at the American Public Health Association 139th Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington, DC, November 1, 2011 as "Autism Education: An Analysis of M

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