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Introduction: Air pollutants are associated with many health risks. Children in the day care environment are uniquely suscept-ible to lung damage, infection, systemic illness & pollutant triggered hypersensitivity reactions. The latest public report by the CDC reports Vermont’s (VT) asthma rate is the high-est in the country at 11.1%. This project compared VT’s day care regulations regarding specific environmental factors linked with health risks to regulations in six surrounding New England states. We sought to assess whether VT’s regulations adequately protect children in day care


Gerald Davis, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Rebecca Ryan, MEd, Vermont Lung Association


American Lung Association in Vermont


Early and Middle Childhood, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Environmental Health, Health Communication and Health Information Technology, Occupational Safety and Health, Respiratory Diseases

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Breathing Easy: Lung Health and Associated Conditions in the Day Care Setting