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Background: It is widely accepted for pediatric and family medicine practitioners to use developmental screening tools for effective identification of children who require additional support. A recent study in Pediatrics reported that between 2002 and 2009, the percentage of pediatricians using standardized screening tools for developmental delay increased from 23.0% to 47.7%. While improvement was found, less than half of pediatricians used these tools. In addition, it is known that early intervention for children requiring extra support is essential for preventing further delay in reaching milestones. Practitioners’ use of screening tools and their collaboration with their community resources can contribute to better delivery of these services and aid in children meeting developmental milestones.


Elizabeth Meyer, Child Care Resource

Joey Hager, Child Care Resource

Wendy Davis, MD, University of Vermont College of Medicine


Child Care Resource


Access to Health Services, Early and Middle Childhood, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Mental Health and Mental Disorders, Physical Activity, Maternal, Infant, and Child Health

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Community Pediatrics and Growing Kids South Burlington An assessment of collaboration between area pediatricians and integrated services for families of young children in South Burlington, VT