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Introduction/Background: • Child immunization is nearly universally accepted as an effective preventative measure against infectious diseases, yet adult immunization rates continue to lag behind recommended levels. • Epidemiological trends suggest a correlation between vaccine administration and decreased rates of significant morbidity and mortality, hospitalization and emergency department visits, work absenteeism, and illness associated expenses. • As of 2010, Vermont is failing to meet its adult immunization goals by 13-43%. • This study aims to understand and identify specific barriers to adult immunization in Vermont.


Christine Finley, MSN, MPH, Vermont Department of Health

Michelle Force, PhD, Vermont Department of Health

Burton Wilcke, PhD, University of Vermont College of Medicine


Vermont Department of Health Immunization Program


Educational and Community-Based Programs, Health Communication and Health Information Technology, Immunization and Infectious Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Barriers to Complete Adult Vaccinations in Vermont