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Undergraduate Thesis


leadership, hunger, students teaching students, empowerment, social change, service learning


Empowering youth to be catalysts for social change and global citizens will create a world where individuals feel inspired and prepared to address the most challenging problems. Hunger is a multifaceted issue with various underlying economic and social causes, yet it is also an opportunity to mobilize and empower individuals to be agents of change. Understanding the potential of individuals to work towards sustainable, effective hunger eradication is an important tool to create widespread social change. This course critically examined the systemic causes of hunger, explored sustainable, hunger eradication methods, and empowered students to be pattern-changing social entrepreneurs. Through partnerships with two clubs on campus in a final service learning project, students further developed and improved their skills. . Learning about global and local problems and then having the opportunity to apply solutions within the community was a unique aspect of the course. Students discovered their ability to be leaders by deepening their understanding of chronic, persistent hunger and analyzing sustainable solutions to global problems.