Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

First Advisor

Amy Seidl

Second Advisor

Erica Spiegel


Waste Diversion, Compost, Hauling, Zero Waste, Community, Act 148


This research addresses the impacts of Act 148 on haulers and composters in the State of Vermont. The Act outlines the importance of organic waste diversion as well as increased recycling rates. This research focuses on the impacts of increased organic waste diversion for the waste hauling and composting operations in Vermont. Interviews were used to complete an ethnographic study on individuals involved in Vermont’s organic waste stream. Eleven interviews were conducted; five with composters and six with hauling businesses. This resulted in a greater understanding of how the waste management community understands the impact of Act 148, what their biggest challenges are as it becomes implemented, and how they predict the future of waste in Vermont to change under the new law.