Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

First Advisor

Adrian Ivakhiv

Second Advisor

Deb Ellis

Third Advisor



Documentary, Eco-Art, Vermont, Environmental, Art


Since the Abenaki native peoples first began to produce and trade craftwork in the area now known as Vermont, the artwork of the state has been intertwined with the landscape and the natural resources available here. As artists in Vermont begin to adopt the use of sustainable or recycled materials and environmental tropes in their work in response to the environmental challenges we face, it’s important to examine the defining characteristics, variations, and contradictions within this artistic movement. This project is a short documentary film about four Vermont artists who take different approaches to addressing environmental challenges. The film explores the commonalities and differences in the artists’ approach to process, content, participation, and materiality. It is intended to create a sense of identity and community among environmental artists in Vermont, explore the advantages and challenges of these approaches, and inspire creative solutions in others to environmental problems.