Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

First Advisor

Bindu Panikkar

Second Advisor

Adrian Ivakhiv


Eco-art, Sustainable Community, Vermont, Activism, Environmental Concern, Climate Change


In the current climate of environmental precarity, the need to prompt ecological change becomes more than just a job for the scientific community. Looking towards culture and the arts has proven an effective way to begin addressing current environmental issues. Artists use their work to shine light on issues of environmental justice, raise awareness to environmental insecurities and risks, and imagine more sustainable futures. By combining the arts with environmental science, we are able to inspire transdisciplinary learning, thus sparking new ways of imagining and envisioning how we might live in the future. The purpose of this study was to understand the relationship between the artist, their art and the environment. Throughout the course of this work, I interviewed a variety of artists around Vermont, gathering their personal experiences creating art, and what messages they are trying to compel in regards to the environment. This project ultimately serves to provide brief artist profiles, along with a look into the way climate action can be addressed in ways other than traditionally thought.