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Undergraduate Thesis


Vermont, housing, housing inspection


Substandard housing is a prevailing public health concern in the United States. With millions of Americans living in inadequate buildings, housing-related illnesses warrant increasing recognition. Accordingly, implemented housing construction standards and housing health codes have ensured that existing structures are safe. The Vermont Department of Health's Environmental Health Section, recently updated the Town Health Officer's Rental Housing Inspection Checklist, a tool used to enforce rental-housing health codes in Vermont. To examine the utility of the updated inspection checklist we conducted a pilot study, which consisted of field-testing the checklist with Town Health Officers and then administering a quality assurance survey to them. Overall, participants' responses demonstrated their approval of the updated version. Refining the Town Health Officer's Rental Housing Inspection Checklist was an important measure toward ensuring compliance with the Vermont Rental Housing Health Code.


Some images have been omitted in this online version. The full version is available only in the Environmental Program office.