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Spring 5-2018


At the time of this report (January 2018) market prices have dropped to near $2.00 per pound for bulk syrup and organic premiums have declined modestly. The current US bulk market prices have de-coupled from an exact calculation of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) pricing levels adjusted for US-Canadian currency exchange rates. Several public presentations from industry leaders at VT Maple Conferences have confirmed that markets continue to grow but that there is short term surplus syrup inventory following strong 2016 and 2017 crop years. This market situation continues to prompt dialogue about the industry outlook, policy considerations, product innovation, producer driven initiatives and the health of individual businesses.

The 2016 Maple Business Benchmark is the fourth year of financial record analysis for a small group of commercial syrup producers. The University of Vermont Extension worked with seventeen maple producers to complete financial analysis of their maple enterprise but only eleven financial records were deemed suitable and accurate enough for inclusion in the 2016 group analysis. This report demonstrates key management and financial metrics including: yield statistics, land use, operating costs, investment requirements, total cost of production, marketing strategy and net income. The participants represent a small sample of the entire Vermont maple industry.

See later year publications for more recent Northeast Maple Benchmark reports.