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Spring 5-2021


The 2019 production season rebounded with a 1% increase in US national syrup production from the previous crop in 2018. Bulk market prices continued a slow decline following reports of a strong 2019 crop year and continued strength of the US dollar.

General reports from maple producers and sellers indicate an environment of increasing competition for sales. Successive strong crop years bolstering supply, downward price pressure from Canadian import dynamics and more US producers pursuing direct and wholesale market channels reinforced the increased competition. By 2019 the signals to maple owners were clear, business performance in the modern maple era will be impacted by an evolving marketplace.

The 2019 Northeast Maple Business Benchmark report documents the seventh year of financial record analysis for a small group of commercial syrup producers. In 2019 the project has shifted to include maple produc-ers in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. An increasing focus is placed on larger scale enterprises in 2019 and participants had to generate at least $100,000 in annual gross sales to be included in the study.

This report demonstrates key management and financial metrics including: yield statistics, land use, operating costs, investment requirements, total cost of production, marketing strategy and net income. See additional publications to view the other annual Northeast Maple Benchmark reports.