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Spring 5-2022


The 2020 production season began just as the Covid-19 pandemic was emerging across the United States. Most states quickly enacted “essential industry” provisions that enabled agricultural and forestry operations to remain active assuming their workers were healthy and willing to report to work. Lingering policy and regulatory issues faced maple producers in the coming months as the pandemic disruptions continued. While many businesses faced short term cash flow challenges the overall maple demand rebounded and exceeded expectations for growth by the end of 2020.

The 2020 Northeast Maple Business Benchmark report documents the eight year of financial record analysis for commercial syrup producers. The project includes maple producers in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Tap counts for this year’s participant businesses ranged from 6,500 taps to 60,000 taps.

This report demonstrates key management and financial metrics including: yield statistics, land use, operating costs, investment requirements, total cost of production, marketing strategy and net income. See additional publications to view the other annual Northeast Maple Benchmark reports.