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In 75% of individuals with mental health illness, age of onset is prior to 24. High School and College Students often face unique life stressors that increase their vulnerability to mental health challenges, including anxiety, depression, and suicide. Students facing mental health issues in Danbury often do not receive adequate support. This is partially attributable to lack of knowledge about mental health, stigma, and lack of available mental health resources specific for this age group. Students who do not receive these supports during times of vulnerability perform more poorly in school, have lower rates of completing high school and college, and more difficulty finding jobs than their peers. This may contribute to an overall higher cost burden on society and the health care system, as well as increase their risk of debilitating illness and suicide. Educational intervention and resiliency training at a young age may be instrumental in minimizing or preventing detrimental effects of poorly supported mental illness.


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Mental Health Awareness Among High School and College Students: Barriers to Knowledge, Accessibility, and Utilization of Resources