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Hunger Free Vermont estimates that over 11% of Vermonters experience Food insecurity defined as a lack or access to adequate nutritious food due to lack of money or other resources. Food insecurity has been linked with numerous health problems including obesity, depression, poor school performance, heart disease, anemia and increased number of hospitalizations. Despite the adverse health outcomes associated with food insecurity, primary care providers don't usually screen for it. There are short validate tools to screen with high sensitivity and specificity for food insecurity. The goal of this project was to generate a screening poster for waiting rooms and an information pamphlet for patients and providers that highlights local resources that can help address food insecurity.

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Food Insecurity, hunger, screening, public health, Vermont, pediatrics, obesity, food, poverty, social determinants, Chittenden County, family medicine, primary care, food shelf

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Vermont Food Insecurity: Implementing screening tools and interventional assistance at Thomas Chittenden Health Center